Change has to start in corporate governance and with the leadership team. Change has to be lived by example so that it reaches all employees. This requires a corporate vision / mission statement that also needs to be lived, and the right strategy and goals. The management team will then have to make and live by example the desired changes.


Peter Drucker, the founder of modern management said:

“Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things.”

A modern, innovative, agile company needs above all a management team that inspires and motivates their employees.

Transformation of leadership behavior means:

Cognitive Transformation
(Thinking differently)
Transformation of Behavior
(Acting differently)
Emotional Transformation
(React differently)
Understanding change as an opportunityCollaboration and teamwork across departmental boundaries.Recognize constant change as a necessity.
Coping with the ever-increasing complexity.Learning organization. Understanding mistakes as necessity and opportunity.Having confidence to help others along the way.
Develop new ideasAppreciate and use ideas, suggestions and feedback from other groups and departments.Question decisions, but do not block them.
Make decisions quickly (in uncertainty)Implement necessary changes and help others do so.To have the confidence to set a good example.


Solution Offering

ConsultingDigital Society Consulting offers tailor-made solutions, support to develop the right strategy for your organization.

We recommend the following modules in the field of leadership team development:

    • (Relationship) Network Analysis
      The relationship network of an organization is invisible. In case of reorganizations, however, this network needs to be handled very carefully in order to ensure the success of the implemented measures (more …)
    • Digital Leadership Maturity
      Scientific testing methods are used to determine the digital leadership maturity, a combination of digital maturity and leadership maturity, as well as the strengths and weaknesses of your leadership team. This information is the base for development and support measures as well as other decisions. This is how you develop the “Digital Leaders” your business needs.
    • Team development
      Based on the Results of previous analyses, we plan a tailor-made development program for your leadership team. Through coaching, mentoring and training, we support the development of your leadership team.


Workshops on Techniques and Methodologies

Digital Society Institute offers the following trainings and workshops on methods and techniques in the field of leadership team development:

Trainings and Workshops can take place either at your location or in our training center in the heart of Vienna.



CommunityThe Digital Society NGO offers members exchange and Networking with directors and board members in the Business Leadership Circle.
The events are scheduled to be breakfast events at the edge of the day.


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Business Leadership Circle - Geschäftsmodell Innovation
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